AES Wireless Network

AES Wireless Network

The weakest link in your alarm system is your transmission. Who is receiving your alarm signal? Is anyone receiving it at all? Conventional wired transmission is prone to disruption by public works and thunderstorms. It can also be easily sabotaged; criminals just need to cut a wire.

The Ademco AES Network is a wireless mesh network dedicated to the transmission of Fire DECAM, Security, Motor / Freezer failure, Medical and Critical Alarms.

The AES Network was approved in 1998 by iDA, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force and attained country-wide coverage in 1999. It gradually became the defacto backup alarms transmission in Singapore.

Today, the AES Network is serving thousands of private and government organisations, with excellent low failed transmission record.

Unlike other conventional wired and wireless transmission, the AES Wireless Network has the following advantages:


  • Supervised: immediate notification upon transceiver failure or tampering
  • NO single point of failure: a real backup transmission
  • NO congested period: no alarm signals on queue
  • Smart mesh network: always seeking 7 homing routes
  • Faster transmission: mere seconds; no dialing needed
  • Faster to install and recover
  • Not prone to conventional or GSM network jammers
  • Encrypted: Higher security
  • Lower cost of installation and maintenance