Access Control

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are effective solutions commonly used to prevent unauthorised entry in offices, R&D labs, banks, government facilities and industrial environments.

Ademco’s Access Control Solutions offers a wide choice of possibilities using PIN, Proximity Cards, RFID Tags and Biometrics; or a combination.

The proven solutions are available as standalone, entry level, mid-size or enterprise and global systems.

Standalone or entry-level systems handles the most basic requirements for small businesses and retail stores with very few staff.

Mid-size systems are designed with server-client architecture comprising of controllers and PC based software that has many features such as Schedule, Holidays, Time Management, ID badge production and supports a significant amount of human traffic. It is ideal for Small-Medium Businesses, factories and organisations with significant amount of staff or need to manage a few facility in a different locations.

Enterprise systems have powerful controller and interface hardwares that is proven to perform intensive human traffic simultaneously, example; 15000, 25000, 50000 or 250000 staff access in a short space of time. The robust management software has comprehensive features, integration options, and superior performance, making global access control management a real possibility for Multinational companies.


  • Access Control
  • Alarms Monitoring
  • Digital Video
  • Intrusion Detection
  • ID / Badge Management
  • Smart Card Encoding
  • Biometrics Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Safety / Emergency Evacuation
  • Mobile Security
  • Advance Encryption
  • Open Architecture
  • TCP/IP
  • Support ODBC Databases
  • Centralised or Segmented Database
  • Fault Tolerant and Co-Standby Configurations
  • Ready Integrations
  • Open API