Biometrics / Identity

Biometrics Security & Identity

Biometrics technology are used in security industry for the authentication of identities using specific unique human characteristics.

Ademco’s biometrics solutions include authenticating identities using fingerprint, palm geometry, iris, vein, voice, facial and other human characteristics.

Ademco’s solution extends beyond providing biometrics readers and hardware but also complete enterprise systems that manages biometric identities for medium to large organisations. These proven solutions readily integrates into existing access control technologies and business systems, allowing easy upgrade, implementation and higher security.

Integration with other identity tokens such as Smart Cards, Proximity Cards, ID Cards, Barcode and Passport; provides many new possibilities to enhance security in various industries.


  • Ready Integration
  • Central Enrollment
  • Smart Card Encoding
  • Centralised Biometrics Management
  • Mobile Verification
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Open Architecture
  • TCP/IP
  • Support ODBC Databases
  • SDK