CCTV / Surveillance

CCTV/ Surveillance

Ademco offers a wide selection of CCTV and surveillance solutions for applications in retail, corporate, petrochemical and government use.

Utilising network digital video with powerful management platforms across multiple locations, it increase operational and security efficiency. Open platform also provides ready interface to IP cameras and other security devices.

With advanced intelligent videos threat detection, airports, seaports, government and high-security facilities can finally counter many threats like terrorism and crime in unconventional ways. Simply preset rules and parameters into your surveillance system to help your security see what cannot be detected by human eyes, assist rapid response or even automate 3rd party systems’ responses to a breach or intrusion.

The open architecture of Ademco’s video solutions allow easy integration with existing security systems like access control, intrusion detection and fence intrusion. Modular design also make upgrading existing camera system extremely easy.


  • Digital Video Recording
  • Mobile Security
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Open Architecture
  • TCP/IP
  • Fault Tolerant and Co-Standby Configurations
  • Ready Integrations
  • Wireless Options