Security Communications

The Ademco security communication solutions include Audio and Video Intercom, Public Announcement, Nurse Call , Master Clock and Emergency Communications system.

Each system is designed for specific applications in residential, high security facilities, petrochemical plants or hospitals. Ademco’s communication solutions are also used for emergency evacuation and underground tunnel projects.

Modular in design, devices such as speaker, administrative console, call point are easily added for expansion.

Advanced feature for P.A systems include Audio Monitoring using existing 2-way speakers that detects abnormal acoustic such as gunshots and screams. Security is alerted and appropriate responses or messages can be automated.

Like all other Ademco solutions, the sound systems are ready for integration with existing or new security systems.


  • Abnormal Acoustic Detection
  • Safety / Emergency Evacuation
  • Mobile Security
  • TCP/IP
  • Distributed Systems
  • Centralised or Segmented Management
  • Ready Integrations
  • Open API for Software