Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection System

Ademco provides intrusion detection solutions suitable for many type of applications, such as industrial facilities, schools, government and corporate offices, and also exclusive residentials.

Gone are the days where a low quality alarm system will do the trick, requirements by business and private users have changed. False alarms, insecure transmission, poor designs and amateurish installations are no longer acceptable by affluent users.

Ademco’s intrusion detection solutions feature expandable 6 to 512 devices zones, partitioning, scheduling, false alarms reduction and many form of secured transmission, including the NIST approved, UL AA graded internet transmission.

A complete intrusion detection plan should include 24hrs Central Alarms Monitoring Services.


  • Intelligent
  • False Alarms Reduction
  • Ready Integration
  • Encryption
  • Ease of use