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Video Offsite, Results Onsite.

VERIFSUITETM Video is perfect for companies operating 24/7 and on large sites. This solution is a smart video alarm services which makes use of video technologies to supplement the traditional use of manpower, allowing security related operations to be carried out more efficiently.

For video verification of alarms, it can be swiftly assessed and verified 24/7 by our agent in our Central Monitoring and Command Center. Security and operations managers can be quickly informed of the situation. Standard protocols can also be carried out with precision, thus eliminating unnecessary manual response to site, resulting in time and cost savings.

VERIFSUITETM Video is compatible with over 80% of IP cameras and DVRs in the market. Additionally, VERIFSUITETM Video operates on a pay-as-you-use model, resulting in low to no upfront cost, compared to the traditional payment upfront model.

Another feature of VERIFSUITETM Video is Video Guard Tour, which our agents are guided by a computer-assisted video tour of the facility. By doing so, customers are able to reduce manpower dependence and human error while enhancing accountability through an audit trail. Overall, this results in highly efficient operations.


VERIFSUITETM Video is part of VerifSuite, our range of Managed Services that aims to radically change how businesses will enjoy security, safety and facility services. With VERIFSUITE, there are a variety of options including Remote Monitoring and Response Management in buildings and operations (VERIFSUITETMOps), and Pay-as-You-Use Enterprise Security (VERIFSUITETMEnterprise). Services within VERIFSUITE are customisable – and unlike traditional procurement which can result in high upfront costs, VERIFSUITE requires low or no capital expenditure.

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